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Sisters Of the Wild

Becoming a Member
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Rules of the Sisterhood

Rules for all Sisters

Stay in Character at all times. OOC comments are allowed when partied.

All characters in the guild must be female. High ranking members may take on male slaves but they will not be on the stone.

A Member is a credit to her Sisters.

This means: She sticks by her sisters thick and thin. You may be evil, but never to your Sisters.

All women know men are inferior, but they have their uses.
After all, they can bring you gifts, fix your boo-boos, and other things that we don't want to bring up here.

Amazons know men "fall in love easily", but will not take advantage of the fact.
Well. A few pieces of armor, help going through a tough area, and such...that's not taking advantage. Flirting to get what you want? That's natural. It's expected. We couldn't possibly refuse to do it. But don't focus on just one man and drain him dry. Take only as much as is fair, and never promise something you won't give.

Members will help all women, in or out of the guild.
All woman are important. Who knows? A youth we help today might be a sister tomorrow

You are allowed to have ONE Sister.
This means: You may join as Dana. Dana becomes a "Sister." She may be promoted to Princess or Queen, but she remains a Sister. You cannot have a Sister, Princess, AND Full member per person.

You are permitted to hire into your service ONE "lady in waiting".

In crude terms, this is your "second" character in the Sisters. There's very specific rules for a Lady in Waiting. These are as follows:
The Lady in Waiting never has a vote.
The Lady in Waiting never can become Princess or Queen.
The Lady in Waiting must NEVER answer by a Princess' name.

So if You have Sister Dana, and Lady in Waiting Jessa, you can not answer as Dana when you are as Jessa, or Jessa when you are as Dana. Keep the characters separate. This is to enhance roleplay.

The Lady in Waiting must try to keep it secret who her Sister is. In other words, don't join up, when they say, "Welcome Lady in Waiting Jessa!" you say "Heya! It's Dana here!"

The Lady in Waiting must inform the Queen and Heir Apparant who they serve, and none others. This is for recrods keeping.

The Lady in Waiting has these benefits:
It allows you a second character in the guild.
It can be used as a Roleplay Tool.
It allows older Princesses to "test" younger applicants for worthiness.

Rules for Officials

You must dedicate one hour per week to Amazon duties:

This means, you will not take your hour hunting for yourself, or increasing your own skills. This is not a time to sit and hide. It's a time to promote the guild, help out the on your branch of the website, or work on an event for the Sisters. If the event includes a benefit for you, so much the better, but you will be responsible for organizing the event, and running it.(event meaning a special hunt or outing)

You must provide a visible outlook of yourself.
If you hide, how do the Sisters know you're here? Invisible does not inspire confidence in one's leadership. This doesn't mean "come on 36 hours a week" or "never take time for yourself." It means, "Spend as much time as possible when you're on...visible."

Make all attempts to attend the monthly Officer's Meetings.
If you cannot, inform the Queen or Heir Apparant, and they will update you on what will happen one week in advance.

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