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May 14th

Hello Sisters!

Recruiting is going well and I have a few possible new sisters for you all to meet.

The Tavern is finished. All we are lacking now are a few vendors *smile*. I will try to staff it every night between 10pm and Midnight. We'll See how it goes.

I am also looking for new hosting for the site that will allow CGI access. If you know of any please let me know. I want to set up Newspro. An alternative Im trying to avoid is sharing a friends space... I like having a sisters sub domain..

As usual if anyone needs anything, Please let me know!


May 3rd
The Guildhouse is now being converted to a Tavern Downstairs. If you want to Place a vendor please speak with me first. I'll also be looking for sisters to staff it at certain hours.

April 28th
Happy Birthday to ME(Minnie) hehe

Seems we have a few April birthday's in the sisterhood!

April 20th
Happy Birthday to Sister Skye!! We all wish you well!

April 16, 2001

Everyone welcome Sister Callidora to the fold! She is an aspiring mage/rogue.

April 15, 2001

Happy Easter!
Sister Skye is now on the stone!
Recruitment is still in force, I have a lot of new prospective sisters to talk with!


April 14, 2001
Well, it's been a bit since the last update. Not much happening with the guild due to moving IRL, but this week
Minnie has been scouring the countryside for new sisters to
add to the fold. Please utilize the messageboards!

Welcome sister Skye to the boards and hopefully to the stone soon!

March 22, 2001

We now have a guild message board. It is a public one until we have enough members to warrant a private board.
The link is on the "contact us" page.

March 2001

This month a stone was placed for Sisters Of the Wild on the porch of the guildhouse in the jungles South-West of Trinsic.

Recruitment will begin as soon as I am done with the Rules and Requirements of the Sisterhood.

This is going to be a fun guild and I hope to see it grow soon!

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